Does 1 Percent Realty Really Work?

Does 1 Percent Realty Really Work?
I get it, you had a few real estate agents, come to your home & give you stats on your local market, plus all the marketing that they do. Then it came down to the big question! How much are your services going to cost me? As you gasp at the final numbers when added up, its then you come to the painful realization of the situation your in. You may even find that at the end of the day, that commission being paid is more money than your going to walk away with at the end of the day!
 There must be a better way? You could try to sell your home yourself of course, but is that really saving you any money? You can pay a flat fee to list your home on the MLS system, while these prices can range anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to a thousand or more. Don't forget you will still need to pay a buyers realtor for bringing in their client on the deal. With prices these days as high as they are, you are looking at $7,000 dollars on entry level type homes and going up from there. You would then need to handle all the advertising, pictures, video tours, showings, paperwork, legal fees & legal liability! The legal liability is a big one, as you are responsible for all information on your listing & what is being sold. When you hire a Realtor, their fees include insurance that protects you from a lot of liability on your listing. 

What if there was a better way? Is there a way to benefit from hiring an experienced real estate agent to sell your home, that won't bleed us dry financially?

Let me introduce you to the 1 Percent Realty concept!

One Percent Realty has been around for over 20 years in the industry & started right here in BC. The 1% model was simple, give you full MLS service at a fraction of the cost as other real estate companies & agents. Now you might ask does this mean all 1 percent agents give the same kind of marketing, when compared to each other & other companies?

The answer is YES & NO! Look at it this way, if you were to interview two ( lets say RE/MAX agents). They both would put your home on the public MLS & everything after that would be how each agent conducts their own marketing. You could have one agent bring in a professional photographer, while the other takes poor quality pictures on their phone. One agent might spend a good portion of their earnings on marketing in different avenues, to try and sell your home. While another agent just sits back and crosses their fingers in hopes of a buyer seeing your listing on the MLS and making you an offer. 

It is extremely important, that you compare the service your going to get from the average agent to your outstanding agent! When comparing One percent agents with each other, how they are marketing your home does matter.

Don't get stuck in a horrible contract, with poor representation. Over the years, We have talked to hundreds of people that have had poor experiences with other agents who attempted to sell their home unsuccessfully. Let us save you the agony of wasting time and money & show you why no other agent regardless of company can compare to the marketing you get with your home sale.
Here we are going to show you how to sell your home faster & for more money guaranteed! When you list your home with The Property Finders of One Percent Realty, your home gets the following marketing:

National TV Advertising

Radio Program & Advertisements

3D Virtual Tour Walk Through

Online & On Site Staging

Aerial Drone Video

Client Communication Portal

Magazine Quality Pictures


Plus so much more!

I encourage you to compare The Property Finders home selling service with any other agent! If any agent says they do more than us, then ask them to prove it. We can sit down and go through every avenue & compare the service you will get. Talk is always cheap, but backing up your words is important
If you have fallen off your chair in dis belief, that you get all that service for one low flat fee from $7,950, pick yourself up & listen carefully...... Nobody does more to market your home, than our EXCLUSIVE Home Selling Program! 

This fee covers everything, selling fees, Buyers Realtor Fees & MLS listing fees. You might be wondering how we can offer this kind of service, while charging so much less than our competitors? The answer is VOLUME! We list & sell more homes than your average agent. This helps lower our per listing advertising cost, while helping us make a living at the same time. 

Some realtors have said that they won't show 1 Percent Realty listings, because they don't pay enough commission for them to bring their buyer & they can make more taking them to similar homes paying more!

The answer is simple BUYERS BUY HOMES NOT REALTORS if your home match's the criteria of what a buyer is looking for, they are going to go a view all the homes that match that criteria. Do you think buyers or YOU as a buyer care what each commission is being paid to a realtor to bring in their buyer? Are you willing to walk away from the perfect home because your agent is not making enough money? Are you willing to purchase a home that you don't like as much, because your realtor makes more money on the sale? OF COURSE NOT! No buyer is going to do that! 

Listen the public MLS does not discriminate by commission being charged or what company it is being sold by. That includes people searching on other agents websites or brokerage sites like RE/MAX, Royal Le page & others! That's right your home is shown on all other real estate websites that are connected to the MLS. Do you think a Real Estate Agent is going to say, no I won't show you that home? Remember the buyers agent on all of our listings are going to be getting paid a minimum of $3,500! How long does it take you to make $3,500? How long does it take the average person to make $3,500? Do you think any realtor is going to say no forget it & loose out on $3,500 bucks? The real answer is the buyers are going to see your home & if it's priced right and fits what they are looking for, they are going to buy your home period!

Now I do understand why some agents might say this, its' a fear of loss! How can they argue their fees when compared to ours? How can they justify the cost difference in services? They can't! The easiest thing for some people to do is say your home won't be shown, which may scare some inexperienced home sellers into thinking that their home won't sell or they will have to drop their price so low when compared to other homes just to sell. Here's a hint, remember when I said above in this article how actions speak louder than words? OK let's look at the actual facts!

The real estate boards stats say that 80.2% of the time, a buyers agent brings the offer to a listing realtors listing. This number is strait across the board regardless of the listing agent or company. This means the same amount of other companies agents are bringing their buyers to a 1 Percent Realty listing as with any other company. Does that sound like other agents won't show your listing because your are not offering enough commission to them to you?

What about our listings selling for less than other comparable listings giving more buyers commission?

I guarantee you this STATS DON''T LIE! I can sit you down and show you, all kinds of area's where we have gone in and got record SOLD prices when you compare them to comparable sales in the area. Now you might ask how do you do this? This is where you separate the average agent from the great agent! It's not as simple as posting a home listing on the MLS and waiting for buyers to give you top dollar! Your advertising, price & everything that goes into promoting your home, sets you apart from your competition! If it was easy every realtor would be doing it, but that sad fact is it's not easy and it takes tremendous work & knowledge from your agent to accomplish this feat.
 Are there any hidden fees?

It's true some 1 percent agents will charge you for certain advertising, professional pictures & many other services.
However The Property Finders have made it easy for you! We will never charge you additional fees ever! What you see in the price you pay, includes all of our high end marketing & services. We don't believe in the bait and switch method of advertising. I personally hate, when someone or company entice you in with really low fees and only to forget to mention all the hidden fees which raise your price rather quickly on what it will cost you! YOU WILL NEVER PAY MORE THAN THE FLAT FEE THAT WE QUOTE YOU WHEN LISTING YOUR HOME!

Let our expertise guide you every step of the way, from beginning to end. Call or text us @ 604-726-1023 for more info or contact us here now