BC NDP Bill Limiting MLA Recall Donations & How It Effects Real Estate

The BC NDP is posed to pass new contribution donations from individual and business / Unions to MLS recall campaigns. This is an addition to the same rules made last year on limits placed on party & MLA fundraising funds. These moves will effect the swaying power of many big players, trying to pull local MLA's towards more friendly law creation that benefits them ( & in a lot of cases NOT in the benefit of the average tax payer). 

One only has to look south of our border to see on full display, the negative effects of deep pocket corporations, pushing elected officials with endless funds to further their financial  goals & more. So how does this effect our local Real Estate Market?

Quit simply it will now become much harder for big construction firms & builders to influence large building contracts & rezoning ( agricultural land reserve ) that may go against the best interest of taxpayers or local residents in the area. The most recent cases in mind are the on going talk about that Albion Flats area in Maple Ridge & the brief talk in the last few weeks about the Burnaby refinery.
I might not always agree with everything  our provincial government is doing, but this is  one of those times I could not agree more with this policy. The sooner we can kick out big party donors & give more power to the people, the better off we will be. I truly wish that this kind of policy could be brought in, municipal levels of government as well throughout the country.

Going forward will certain players find loopholes in these policy's? Maybe, but we will have to wait and see as it is to early to tell. Let us all hope at the very least, we will have more transparency in the election process in BC!