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Did you know that when you sign a listing contract you are bound by the terms of the contract for the time
specified on the listing contract .The minimum time accepted for a listing contract by the real- estate board
of Greater Vancouver is 90 days. What does that mean to you as a potential home seller? If you decide, after agreeing to list your home , you are not satisfied with the level of service you are receiving and wish to cancel the listing agreement prior to your specified expiry date  , the original Realtor has the right to hold you to the remaining term of the listing contract . This means although you can re-list your home with another Realtor, if your home sells within the  remaining time on the first listing contract , the first realtor would be entitled to the selling commissions. As you can imagine it would be difficult to find a Realtor who would work for free.

We will not hold you to the term of the contract. We feel that if you wish to cancel your listing agreement with us you should 
be free to do so. In the event you are not satisfied for any reason , we will give you a complete unconditional release! *
*Terms and conditions. In the event the listed property has Received an offer prior to cancelling a conditional release will be issued.

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